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Time to Remodel the Hornsveld Trestle
The Hornsveld Trestle is over 30 years old and is in need of repairs.
The Board closed the trestle until it can be made safe.
A survey was done and a preliminary cost estimate was produced based
on remodeling the deteriorated elements.
For more information about the project Click Here.
OCME has begun a fundraising campaign and all donations are greatly
appreciated. Please click "Donate" below to contribute.

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Public Announcement - Current Goat Hill Status

Good news!!

After a conversation with the Director of Parks and Community Services,
we are free to continue using the club facilities. City staff is
impressed with our voluntary conformance to COVID19 precautions and
our desire to cooperate with mandated rules.
To review:

• Masks are required at all times
• Maintain a healthy distancing of six feet
• No congregating or eating in the the clubhouse
• Only club members and their spouses are allowed on the premises
• Children of members with a family membership may also visit with a parent
• No more than five (5) members on-site at a time
• The club may be used seven (7) days a week between 9AM and 3PM

Continue to call ahead (or text) to make sure there is available space when
you want to visit the club.
Thank you to all members for your continued cooperation.

Hank Castignetti
OCME Secretary/City Liaison

Next Free Public Ride Days
Public Rides will Return as soon as the COVID-19 Virus is under control.
Please keep checking for updates here and on our Social Media
Facebook and Instagram pages
Scrap Rail Available for Members
When rail panels are replaced on the layout, the rail is separated from the
ties and divided into "Reuse" and "Scrap" piles. Click pictures to enlarge.
1. The "Reuse" rail is stacked next to the green shed beside the completed
    ready to use track panels which is NOT for sale.
    Please note that almost all of the rail from the Mountain Division will be     reused.

2. The "Scrap" rail is sacked behind the containers near the wash sink
    and is available for purchase by our members at the going scrap price
    (currently about about $0.50/pound for aluminum rail).
    Please note there will only a minimal amount of rail from the Mountain
    Division available for sale.
Contact Bob Harrison Operations@ocmetrains.org
714-504-0291 (voice or text)

OCME in the News
• Video featuring OCME produced by the City of Costa Mesa (View)
OCME Volunteers of the Fall Months
We are awarding two Volunteer of the Month Awards to cover
this Fall Season. The recipients are Kevin and Jeff Tolan.
Please stay tuned for more info