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Orange County Model Engineers

OCME Member's Page

Welcome Orange County Model Engineers Members. This page has been made for you as the Member. Here you will find all Conductor and Engineer Training Manuals. This Page is here to help all members prep for the safety Class that is held and will be announced here. So keep checking back here for more club activity.

Important Reminder:
Annual Steam Boilder Certification
Saturday, March 11

Training Manuals
OCME Engineer Training Manual
OCME Conductor Training Manual

Birthday Party Train Crew
Assignments and Sign-Ups

OCME By-Laws

OCME Operating Rules
(Instructions for Printing as a Booklet)
OCME Safety Page

Tech Tips - Technical Information

Engine Courtesy
Please refuel Club Engines before putting them away
or connect the charger to the electric engines!

Member Badges
If you have not received or have lost your member
badge, Please contact Paul Hammond, Board Secretary
for a new one. There is a charge for a replacement badge.

Time Sheets

Application for Train Storage