Orange County Model Engineers

Volunteer of the Month Awards

The highest recognition for OCME members for outstanding work to support OCME activities is the
OCME Volunteer of the Month” Award. Due to the issues surrounding COVID-19, we are presenting
a Summer VOM award to four OCME members for their outstanding work. The main job was clearing the weeds,
brush, and, trash from the entire right of way. Not only did these dedicated individuals accomplish this Herculean
task, but,also found time to replace the old track and wooden ties in Skinner Yard, and clean and paint the turntable
and, the lift in the Compound. These four members are:

Dalton (DJ) Johnson
Team Leader

Alex Acura

Zach Jones

Terry Kokan

OCME is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Contact: Info@ocmetrains.org

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